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During this procedure you can expect to be at Belltown Dental for around an hour. This gives dental team enough time to take x-rays if needed, talk to you about the procedure and complete the dental work. Before filling any cavities, we will numb your teeth, gums to lessen any discomfort you may experience during this procedure. Next, we will drill out the decay in the tooth and replace it with a filling.

Once you’re done, your mouth will probably remain numb for a few more hours. There aren’t any significant risks associated with filling cavities, but be sure to keep our office posted in case you have any questions or complications.

Tooth Fillings and Dental Health

Tooth Health and Dental Fillings

To treat a cavity your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then “fill” the area on the tooth where the decayed material was removed. Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down from misuse (such as from nail-biting or tooth grinding).

What Steps Are Involved in Filling a Tooth?

First, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be filled. Next, a drill, air abrasion instrument, or laser will be used to remove the decayed area. The choice of instrument depends on the individual dentist’s comfort level, training, and investment in the particular piece of equipment as well as location and extent of the decay.

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